Elite Offsite have developed a number of standard wall types and associated technical details which respond to almost all details encountered in the design process. This full and detailed package of information is made available throughout the design process and will be shared with your design team.

All external walls include a fire rated breather membrane, minimum 120mm PIR Insulation, Internal Vapour Control / Air Tightness layer, and battens to form a service void.

Wall Types

Our standard wall (as detailed below) is fully insulated, giving a default U-Value of 0.17W/mK. This is the minimum performing wall we produce. We also offer standard U-Values of 0.15, 0.14 & 0.11 as “off the shelf” upgrades. Should you require anything different we can of course discuss that too.
Download the PDF that demonstrates our standard walls and associated construction and U-Value calculations.

Standard Wall - U-Value 0.17W/m2K

Detail ref : EW-SD-001

Passive Wall - U-Value 0.14W/m2K

Detail ref : EW-PS-001

Enhanced Wall - U-Value 0.15W/m2K

Detail ref : EW-SH-001

Passive Wall Plus - U-Value 0.11W/m2K

Detail ref : EW-PP-001